Fashion is all about people, which is why our processes have a ‘people-first’ approach.

From dedicated healthcare centres to transportation and childcare facilities, we provide our employees with a home away from home.

Building A
Better & Safer

  • Ensuring medical facilities, creche and other support system for employees
  • Providing access to welfare officers for any support
  • Employee emergency preparedness training
  • Pandemic relief camps and COVID-19 awareness events
  • Full vaccination of all employees and booster dose programs
  • Issuing PPEs and safety gear for medical professionals
  • Dedicated Emergency Response Teams (ERT)
  • Periodic safety drills and security checks

The hands
that weave
a better future

We are a proud partner of leading global companies across the fashion value chain. Driven by a women dominated workforce, we ensure that our employees are encouraged to grow and excel in their roles and become self-reliant. We have several dedicated programmes for women that enable them to grow beyond their professional roles.

For Women in Manufacturing


A one-of-a-kind ongoing training initiative aimed at providing life skills and generating awareness in areas such as health, hygiene, financial literacy, communication, and well-being.


A reward and recognition program for employees, wherein they are awarded for parameters on teamwork, behaviour and productivity.


  • Training to develop soft skills like communication, problem solving and decision making, time and stress management, execution excellence, financial literacy, legal literacy and social entitlement.
  • Dedicated ‘Supervisory Development Program’ to help women excel in their careers and take on leadership roles.
  • The Voice of Women platform where we provide complete authority to hear employee concerns and with a higher percentage of women in the committee.


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