We, at Gokaldas Exports, consider Sustainability as the core of our operations and the most critical material determinant of our success. We acknowledge that we are part of an industry that has been a major contributor to climate change, resource intensification and biodiversity loss. We also recognise this challenge as an opportunity to drive impactful initiatives that transform the industry and create a positive wave of change.

Sustainability is the most critical material determinant of our success. We have been progressively reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing our social imprint.


  • Prioritise Climate Action
  • Catalyse Economic Empowerment
  • Create Equitable Employment Opportunities
  • Drive Governance Excellence

Our strategies and ambitions are inspired by the ILO Core Conventions, UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • We aspire to be NET ZERO by 2045
  • We are aggressively implementing measures to 100% decarbonize our operations and aims to be water positive by 2030
  • We have embraced circularity as a priority and we will increase recycled inputs by 30% from previous year
  • We are executing strategies to achieve Zero solid Waste-to-Landfill by 2030


  • Each worker is an asset to us and we are tirelessly working on making our workplaces safe, healthy and inclusive
  • We are creating a work environment free from discrimination, inequality and harassment
  • We are committed to maximize our positive impacts in the society and minimize our negative impacts
  • Our CSR activities focus on generating shared societal values


  • Our internal governance mechanisms are based on strong foundation of ethics, organizational values and compassion
  • The organizational policies are designed and implemented to drive performance, create stakeholder values and achieve sustainability goals
  • We strive for excellence and we have established robust evaluation and monitoring mechanisms
  • We are committed to source our raw material sustainably and ethically.
  • We are engaging and building capacity of our value chain partners in implementing sustainable business practices

We Care for the Planet


The Global Recycled Standard


The Better Cotton Initiative


Forest Stewardship Certification


The Recycled Claim Standard


SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit


Social and Labor Convergence


Global Organic Textile Standards


Estandar de contenido organico


Higg Facility Environmental Facility Module

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